Technology Architectures and Business Models for a Wireless Hotspots Wi-Fi Service Providers. Case of Study: Technology and Business Models for the Broadband Wireless Network of Emcali Telecomunicaciones E.I.C.E.

Andrés Felipe Millán, Claudia Liliana Zúñiga Cañón, Gloria Piedad Varela, Sandra L Murillo, Hector F. Castillo, Alfredo Escandón


This paper presents technology architectures and business models in wireless hotspot Wi-Fi service providers market. Besides to describe a business and technology model for Broadband Wireless Network (RIBA) of EMCALI Local Service Provider, this could be implemented in the Wireless Hotspots Colombian Providers.


Business model for service provider; IEEE 802.11; wireless networks; public wireless LAN (PWLAN); technology architecture; Wi-Fi; wireless local area networks (WLAN); wireless hotspots.



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