Methodology for Design of Hypermedia Educative Documents, based on Graph Structures (Concept Maps)

José Hernando Bahamón Lozano, Alexandra Gómez


This article presents the result of the research work done by a group of teachers of the Center of Learning Resources of the University (CREA), in their need to try to give response to the following question: Is it possible to elaborate a design method for the construction of hypermedia documents, that can be used by teachers of different disciplines, independent of their knowledge on methodologies and authoring tools? The first part of this document presents, in a succinct way, a theoretical review of some of the existing methodologies for the design of hypermedia documents. The second part presents the methodological proposal developed by the group of teachers, for the design of hypermedia documents, based on graph structures. The last part is the presentation of the prototype developed using the proposed methodology, done by a professor of the University who works in a discipline different from those of Systems Engineering or of Multimedia Design.


Hypermedia documents; design method for the construction of hypermedia documents.



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