Evaluation of Capacity Estimator Based AdHoc Probe in Self Similar Traffic MANET Networks

María del Pilar Salamanca Azula, Néstor Misael Peña Traslaviña


Due to the dynamic nature of ad hoc networks, the path capacity estima­tion process is much more complex than in wired networks. AdHoc Probe is a capacity estimator based on the packet-dispersion concept. To evaluate end-to-end path capacity, AdHoc Probe sends pairs of packets and takes into account only those pairs with minimum delay. It is widely known that traffic in current networks has self similar nature and recent works show that ad hoc networks exhibit this feature too. In this paper, using an implementa­tion of AdHoc Probe in QualNetR, we evaluate the performance of AdHoc Probe when the network has self similar cross traffic and we validate the results of previous works with Poisson cross traffic.


Ad-Hoc networks; MANET; AdHoc Probe; traffic; simulation.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18046/syt.v4i8.967


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