Experimental Evaluation of the Capacity of IEEE 802.11b to Support VoIP Services

Guefry Leider Agredo Méndez, Jaime Andrés Gaviria Molano


Wireless LAN have been widely deployed worldwide using Technologies based on 802.11b/g standards mainly. But, those networks do not provide any support for QoS demanding services because the most of them were deployed before the 802.11e standard. However, in many places the need for QoS demanding services, like Voice over IP, has aroused and it is important to establish how those services will behave in Non QoS supporting WLAN’s. This papers shows experimental results for a testbed, intended to establish the capacity of a legacy 802.11 LAN to support VoIP services.


MAC; DCF; QoS; VoIP; wire.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18046/syt.v4i8.970


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