Systems Theory: Transcendental Vision of Systems and Spirituality

Ricardo Schnitzler Friedlander


An essay in order to perceive the hidden aspects of systems reality, in its visible knowledge (science) and on perceptible (spirituality), whose dialogue constitutes a non linear systems thinking over human interactions complex society web). This conceptual framework (culture myth) shows up a transcendental vision, beeing the systems an emergent way or the totality tremor. As a proximity to the General Systems as a production of Systems Theory, as a Systems Science at humanity service, and as a Systems Design with a sustainable future; trough a unified transdisciplinary theory (formal aspect) with two transdisciplinary cultural fields: a) Wholeness interconection science, and b) Ecology and the environment.


Systems, spirituality, systems philosophy, sistemic thinking, systems theory, transdisciplinarity, ecology and environment, vision, TGS.



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