Proposal for interconnection of Multicell WLAN based in IE 802.11e standard and DiffServ

Carlos A. Viteri, Javier Gómez


Nowadays, the convergence of services as video, voice and data over a common infrastructure has become an important issue that requires special treatment in order to achieve an optimum Quality of Service (QoS) level. This is the case of the IEEE standard 802.11e which enhances the original IEEE 802.11 MAC layer providing a fair medium access treatment according to the application needs. In addition, the deployment of WLANs in public places (hotspots) has been made in a one-cell oriented way and the network design over an outdoor environment involving more than one cell has not been considered. This fact Propuesta para la interconexión WLA N multicelda basada en el estándar IEEE 802.11e y DiffServ* leads to our proposal of an “Outdoor Multicell WLAN supporting 802.11e” design based on the solutions provided by special techniques commonly used by cellular telephony in order to solve problems related to outdoor scenarios. Our design is complemented by an integrated wired/wireless network architecture in order to achieve end to end QoS. This integration uses the Differentiated Services (DiffServ) QoS architecture which maps its traffic classification into the 802.11e and 802.1D link layer technologies.


802.11e; 802.1d; DiffServ; end to end QoS; multiple cells; Outdoor.



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