Proposal of Architecture for Billing and Payments by Proximity of Ubiquitous Services in Colombian Context

Milton Ausecha Penagos, Javier Imbús Guzmán, Zeida Solarte, Oscar Mauricio Caicedo


Ubiquitous services pretend to interact proactively with the user, proposing solutions to some problems. Those services must to be billed in a secure and efficient form in order to guarantee confidence between customer new services tha fulfill the customer’s expectation. For this reason, ubiquitous computing is a new research area that looks for the provisión of services in a transparent way for the user in mobile environments. However, ubiquitous services have the problem of a non-existent protocol that fulfils all the mobility, identity and context requirements of such services. This paper describes the development of a ubiquitous services pilot that pretends to fulfill such requirements.


Ubiquitous services; Service discovery; Bluetooh; mobility; web services.



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