Benefits of Yoga 

Yoga is a discipline of Indian origin that aims to harmonize body and mind and improve self-awareness. Through breath control, meditation and body postures, yoga allows spiritual awakening and body balance, and helps us to act according to our needs and values, without external influences.


Beyond a physical activity, it is a lifestyle in its own right. The benefits we get from the practice of yoga in Valencia are, therefore, multiple. Let’s try to list the main ones.


The benefits of yoga on the body:


Relaxation: through body postures, the muscles of the body will gradually stretch and become more flexible.


Muscle strengthening: Yoga gently strengthens all the muscles of the body, even those that are normally underused.


Release tension: Through stretching and relaxation, yoga allows you to relax.


Better overall posture: Overall, yoga promotes better body posture by strengthening muscles and learning alignment postures.


Better breathing: Yoga teaches us to breathe consciously, which helps to better oxygenate the blood and gain vitality. There is also a drop in blood pressure and increased lung capacity.


Relieve the back: By releasing muscle tension and relaxing the spine, yoga strengthens the back and helps prevent or cure back pain. To be practiced under medical supervision if you suffer from chronic back pain or deep back injuries.


Weight stabilization or weight loss: The mindfulness learning and strength training inherent in the practice of yoga provide valuable assistance for anyone wishing to control their weight. 


Benefits of yoga on the mind:


Reduce stress and anxiety: Calm the mind by focusing on the present moment and learning not to let external elements alter our thoughts and modify our behavior.


Improve concentration and memory by doing a yoga retreat: Learning the sequences of postures and mindfulness can increase your ability to concentrate.


Increase self-confidence: With time and yoga practice, you improve your flexibility and knowledge to achieve results you didn’t expect before – a successful difficult posture boosts confidence!


A full sex life: Through a better knowledge of your own body and a more relaxed mind, you notice an increase in libido and an improvement in your sex life (arousal, desire, orgasm, etc.).


Renewal of vitality: Thanks to a better circulation of our energy at the level of the chakras.


Improved sleep: When you are well in body and head, sleep is more restful.


A more zen daily life: The regular practice of yoga allows a better presence in the world and in oneself, an open mind and a more relaxed approach to daily life.