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How to read books? The classic guide to smart reading | English class

Increases the ability to make good use of readings. Thousands of readers have demonstrated this efficacy since the book was first published.

Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren’s work is over 400 pages long. The intention of the authors was to address in depth and breadth the topic of how to read a book. Despite being large, the volume is divided into short, easy-to-read sections.

In 1970, the authors were hosts of a television program in the United States. The episodes taught precisely The art of reading.

The latest edition of Como Ler Livros was published by É Realizações. The 1972 version completely reformulated the 1940 and 1967 editions. The new version contains unpublished excerpts and changes in focus.

The work was so successful that, for months, it was the best-selling job in the United States tackling the problem of education. More than half a million copies were printed. In Brazil, it was also a bestseller.

Adler and Van Doren taught that knowledge is divided into different types:

Information, taken from an author at the same level as the reader;
Practical knowledge, realized in the experience;
Comprehension, when you have a first contact with an idea.
How to Read Books explains each of these types well and how to do them in the best possible way.

The Pátria Educara da Brasil Paralelo series addresses the issue of education in Brazil, its trajectory and current problems. There are three free and must-see episodes.

In general, literacy does not prepare a person for more advanced levels of reading. Precisely this will be explained in the next topics.

Summary of How to Read Books The Classic Guide to Smart Reading

The authors taught to practice reading. Following the steps that they left and will be listed, it is possible to read better. The reading levels are: elementary, inspection, analytical and sytopic.

How to Read Books is more than a reading guide, it is a treatise on philosophy and education.

The four parts of the job are:

  • The dimensions of reading;
  • The third level of reading: Analytical reading;
  • How to read different topics;
  • The ultimate ends of reading.
  • It’s not just about a faster read, a speed read, or the like. Adler and Van Doren teach how the reader can discover the purpose of each book and how to read it correctly.

At the beginning of How to Read Books, the main reasons that lead a person to want to read are described…

Some book summaries:

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