DRISO is the sub-team of the i2t research group at Icesi University in charge of Software Architecture and Engineering research.

Our current research interests include the following areas:

  • Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Software Systems (SEfSAS)
  • Model-Driven Software Engineering and Development (MDE)
  • (Big Data) Analytics: Techniques and Processing Architectures

Our primary objective is to develop applied-research projects whose results can be leveraged by software development organizations to improve their development processes. Examples of these results include software tools, reference models and architectures, and design guidelines for developing software systems more effectively in the aforementioned areas of interest.

We develop and maintain our software projects and products in our FusionForge.

DRISO Coordinates

Team Leader: Gabriel Tamura, PhD
email: gtamura at icesi.edu.co
Tel: +57-2-5552334 ext. 8264

Department of Information and Communication Technologies
Faculty of Engineering
Icesi University
Calle 18 # 122-135 Pance
Cali, Colombia