Workshop on CMMI – Software Engineering. Comfandi SOS (Sector: Industry), November 2008

The workshop provides the participants an overview of processes and quality assurance models recognized and currently used for software development: CMMI compared to ISO 9001:2000

Workshop on Software Requirements Elicitation and Validation. Tecnoquimicas (Sector: Industry), June 2008

The workshop aims to provide participants with a set of tools and effective probing techniques for requirements elicitation to improve the detection of functions to be performed by a software system. This set includes tools and techniques knowledge subareas Software Engineering, Psychology, Organizational Theory, Negotiation Skills and Communication.

Training on .NET. Clínica Imbanaco (Sector: Industry), February – March 2008

Training presents the tools .NET 2005 and the framework 2.0, as well as the concepts of Object-Oriented Programing and the foundations for the development of applications with language C#.
This training provides students with the skills to implement queries, update statements data, and stored procedures. Additionally, provides abilities for development of Web applications, and implementation of reports of different types through the use of Reporting Services contained in the Visual Studio Business Intelligence tool.