Exploration of Dynamic Self-Adaptive Components in Model-Driven Software Product Lines for Service Oriented Applications

Start Date: 2010    End Date: 2010
Keywords: Model-Driven Engineering, Model-Driven Architecture, Model-Driven Development, Software Product Lines.
Members: Gabriel Tamura (project leader)

Main Objective

This project aims to contribute the search for solutions for these problems, focusing on the realization of automatic derivation of dynamic self-adaptive (context-aware) software products, based on Model Driven and Dynamic Service-Oriented Product Lines (MD-DSOPL).
The project will be developed about a particular case of study based on service oriented applications for mobile devices.


In recent years, software development for service oriented applications in mobile computing and ubiquitous environments has become of high interest. Several problems have contributed to this interest: (i) the number of different hardware and software development technologies coexisting and emerging in the market; (ii) the need for ever faster delivery of new applications and added-value services, with growing complexities and controlled quality; and (iii) the requirements of more demanding users for these applications and services to be aware of the context and dynamically adapting themselves to it; and besides all of this, managing constraints like computational power, storage, energy consumption and size.
Software industry requires solutions to be designed, developed and deployed correctly, satisfying the pertaining quality attributes, the corresponding desirable properties, and able to manage changing operating conditions dynamically and autonomously. Business organizations, which achieve this, are on the way to keep the pace that the users are demanding, warranting their positions in the market.


Icesi University