SmarterContext: Ensuring Security and Confidentiality in the Management of Context Information for Smarter Web Applications

Start Date: Feb-2012   End Date: Feb-2013
Members: Norha M. Villegas (project leader), Juan C. Muñoz (student), Gabriel Tamura (co-researcher), Hausi A. Müller (associate researcher)

Main Objective

This project focuses on enabling SmarterContext, the dynamic context management infrastructure proposed in Norha Villegas’ dissertation, with efficient mechanisms to guarantee security, privacy and confidentiality in the management of context information.


SmarterContext—our innovative approach to dynamic context management—exploits IBM’s SCA WebSphere technologies to optimize context-awareness and self-adaptation in service-oriented software systems and web applications. The dynamic context management infrastructure provided by SmarterContext combines control theory, semantic web technologies and dynamic context management to realize user-centric context-aware applications.


Icesi University, University of Victoria, and IBM Centre for Advance Studies (CAS), Canada


The main deliverable of this project was a new prototype, based on the one developed in 2011, to demonstrate the applicability of secure context management to the optimization of user’s shopping experiences that involve web applications and mobile devices.