Automation of a bank of measurements for large signal characterization

Jorge Julián Moreno Rubio, Nydia Esperanza Cely Angarita, Javier Francisco Rodríguez Mora, Édison Ferney Angarita Malaver


This paper shows a strategy for the measurement and characterization of Radio Frequency and Microwave circuits (RF / Microwave), which are used in modern wireless communication systems, through a designed software able to capture and control, remotely, the collected data by the measurement setup –in this case, a vector network analyzer R&S ZVA8 and a digital multimeter DM3061). As evidence, the characterization of a high efficiency Power Amplifier [PA] has been carried out, using this strategy, at a test frequency of 2.4 GHz.


Characterization; RF / Microwave; scattering; vector network analyzer.


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