Published: 2014-10-01

Automatic segmentation of thermal images to support breast cancer diagnosis

Steve Rodríguez Guerrero, Humberto Loaiza, Andrés David Restrepo Girón


Mogrit: Towards a IT risks management model for MSME

Gonzalo Andrés Vanegas Devia, César Jesús Pardo Calvache


Automation of a bank of measurements for large signal characterization

Jorge Julián Moreno Rubio, Nydia Esperanza Cely Angarita, Javier Francisco Rodríguez Mora, Édison Ferney Angarita Malaver


Systemic vision of flexibility analysis on perishables supply chains

Andrés Mauricio Paredes Rodríguez, Andrés Felipe Salazar Ramos


Modeling wireless channel employing ray tracing techniques: A systematic review

Andrés Navarro Cadavid, Dinael Guevara Ibarra, Jorge Gómez Rojas