Oct 28 2009


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Stargate Atlantis – SGA

Definitivamente me gust├│ la serie – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hEsmqYhmQ8

Stargate Atlantis follows the present-day adventures of John Sheppard and his military team from Earth that, along with two dozen other teams, venture to distant planets. They use an alien device known as a Stargate, which is housed in the city of Atlantis on the planet “Lantea”. The city was built thousands of years ago by one of the most advanced races of the Stargate universe: the Ancients. Five to ten thousand years ago, due to a plague in the Milky Way Galaxy, they were forced to flee to the Pegasus Galaxy, and there they seeded life on hundreds of worlds as they had done in the Milky Way. After encountering a powerful enemy known as the Wraith and going to war with them for more than one hundred years, the Ancients ultimately lost and were forced to submerge their city beneath Lantea’s ocean, which, in the Stargate universe, is the source of the Greek myth of the Lost City of Atlantis.”

Fuente: Wikipedia: Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis

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