Dic 22 2009

SGU – Stargate Universe

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Luego de una SG1 (+-) y una SGA (+++) viene SGU.  Está será mi próxima serie a ver, espero comenzar muy pronto en enero de 2010.


Stargate Universe is set on the Ancient ship Destiny, which was launched from Earth, probably several million years ago.[43] Several ships were sent ahead of it to seed the universe withStargates. The Ancients had planned on using the Stargate to board Destiny when it was far out enough into the universe, but learned how to ascend before that time. In order to reach this ship, an address would have to be dialed consisting of nine chevrons, a possibility that had been unknown in the previous Stargate series.[20]

The series begins when a team of soldiers and scientists from present-day Earth step through the Stargate to find the Destiny after their base is attacked.[44] Many of its primary systems are damaged or failing, and they are unable to return to Earth or even maneuver the ship. However, the Destiny periodically stops to dial the Stargate to planets with necessary supplies to repair the ship.[19][11] The writers have discussed the possibility that each season represents a voyage of the Destiny through a different galaxy.[45]

Fuente: Wikipedia: SGU

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Stargate Universe

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