Jun 19 2010

Alexandra Burke & Damien Rice en Hallelujah

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Un “cover” de Leonard Cohen y esta canci√≥n es otra de las que prefiero en las nuevas versiones como las de Damien Rice y Alexandra Burke

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Damien Rice

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Alexandra Burke

Hallelujah, Halleluyah and the Latin form Alleluia¬† are transliterations of the Hebrew word ◊Ē÷∑◊ú÷į÷ľ◊ú◊ē÷ľ◊ô÷ł◊Ē÷ľ¬† (Standard Halleluya, Tiberian Hall…ôl√ĽyńĀh) meaning “Praise (◊Ē÷∑◊ú÷į÷ľ◊ú◊ē÷ľ) Yahweh (from the first two letters of the Tetragrammaton ◊ô◊Ē◊ē◊Ē) (◊ô÷ł◊Ē÷ľ)” and is similar to the Arabic phrase Alhamdulillah, used by Muslims¬† and by Arabic-speaking Jews and Christians. Hallelujah is found primarily in the book of Psalms. The word is used in Judaism as part of the Hallel prayers, and in Christian prayer, particularly in the Catholic Mass. It has been accepted into the English language and has a similar pronunciation in many other languages.”

Fuente: Wikipedia: Hallelujah

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