Mercedes Fajardo Ortiz. Ph.D.

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 semester of work placement

Investment (semester)

$ 12.120.000 COP

Our focus

Finance is the quantitative discipline that studies the management of money in organizations. Placed at a crossroads of management and economics, it is concerned with the optimization of returns and the minimization of risks. Professionals in finance look for optimal alternatives when managing work capital, structure financing strategies, evaluate short and long term investment opportunities, analyze performance and design organizations’ financial restructuring plans. When finance professionals focuse on the financial markets, they design investment portfolios, develop and manage investment strategies and structure new financial assets. In the banking world they turn towards the management of the capture and allocation of funds, acting under the existing law and being supported by qualitative tools to manage risk and maximize rentability.

Finance professionals graduated  from Icesi University will assume diverse responsibilities and hold influence jobs in national and international organizations, they will outstand for their leadership and capacity to grow professionally until they hold directive positions.

Icesi’s Finance program is grounded in four main pillars that make it an exceptional program:

  • Quantitative strength
  • Integral understanding of finances as support to management and development of new businesses
  • Mastery of financial markets
  • Global and multicultural perspective

From the beginning of the program students take courses that help them develop a holistic perspective on finances, framed on its support to business management, finance and economic information analysis and the design and implementation of ideas and business models that generate value.

Institutional Accreditation

In 2015, the Ministry of National Education granted Icesi University the renewal of the High Quality Institutional Accreditation until 2021. This is a recognition of the permanent commitment of Icesi within the region and the country, to maintain high standards of quality in the development of the functions of training, research and social outreach, as well as administrative support work.

Why study Finance?

The accelerated development of finance markets and technology and the increment of risks demand experts in finance for adequate investment decision making, financing and control in organizations.

The demand on finance professionals will grow over the next decade to a ratio much higher than that of other careers (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Icesi’s Finance professionals will have the abilities to perform adequately in the fields of corporate and market finance, which in conjunction with its strategic orientation prepare them for a successful career as business consultants.

The program develops solid knowledge on capital markets that will allow the alumni to design and manage their own investment portfolios.

Candidate profile

The student of the Finance Program at Icesi University must be a person with a good preparation in their high school, reflected on the SABER tests, they must have a superior performance in these state tests. The rigorous process of admission allows the student to count with a group of classmates with a profile and level adequate for the development of the program.

Graduate profile

Icesi University Finance Program alumni will act according to the values of honesty, respect for human beings and equity. Additionally, they will have learned to learn and develop communication abilities, usage of informatics and telecommunications, leadership and creative solution to problems. The values, knowledge and abilities acquired and developed during their stay at Icesi University will allow the alumni to be able to:

Fields of action

Our alumni will specialize in the implementation of modern financial tools to hold prestigious positions in financial organizations and real sector businesses.

Financial sector     Consultant
  • Traders
  • Investment advisors 
  • Portfolio managers 
  • Business and personal banking 
  • Risk management 
  • Derivative market
  • Investment evaluation
  • Business restructuring 
  • Project structuring 
  • Investment banking 
  • Finance modelling
  • Finance researcher
Real sector businesses     Public sector
  • Risk and financial analyst
  • Treasurer 
  • Finance director 
  • Manager
  • Public debt analyst
  • Investment evaluation 
  • Treasurer 
  • Finance director 
  • Manager
Formation lines
  • Languages
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Professional expertise
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship
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