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The School of Health Sciences at Icesi University will distinguish itself by its contribution to the integral training of physicians with the best available knowledge in the profession and by furthering the advancement of science through research and the production of intellectual resources in the different areas of health..

Medical doctors from Icesi will be able to adapt to the ever-changing challenges and needs of the area of health; their cognitive, self-learning, and critical thinking skills will strengthen their professional identity and leadership ability.

We expect that our graduates will contribute towards the improvement of the quality of life, health, and well-being of Colombians and that they will be competent in taking action as team members within the health system, so as to respond to the needs of patients and the overall population.

The Schoolcurrently has three departments that support the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the University, the medicine program and 20 postgraduate programs (medical-surgical specializations) in internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, rheumatology, hematology and oncology, and cardiology pediatrics; radiology and diagnostic imaging, abdominal organ transplantation surgery, arthroscopy, cardiology, and psychosomatic medicine; nephrology, gynecology and obstetrics, allergology, head and neck surgery, emergency medicine, and psychiatry.

Working together to develop the best talent in the area of health”

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Dr. Luis Alberto Escobar
Dean of the school

Our Focus

We train doctors with the best, comprehensive knowledge in the profession and the highest competences in diagnosis, solution, disease investigation and intellectual production in the different areas of health.

Thanks to the alliance (Alizanza profunda para la vida) with Fundación Valle del Lili (FVL) (a cutting edge medical center), our doctors are able to adapt to the dynamic challenges and needs that arise in the health sector. Their cognitive and critical thinking skills, and their capacity for self-learning strengthen their professional identity and leadership.

The alliance has an initial duration of 50 years and allows both institutions to establish a synergy in all their activities through coordination of work, maintaining highly reputed excellence in performance, and consolidating social projection in one of the most important sectors for the community. In addition, it allows undergraduate students to interrogate and perform physical examinations of patients, participate in medical rounds, attend academic activities, undertake practical work and benefit from pedagogical instruction from specialists and subspecialists in FVL starting from the first semester of the degree.

Research Groups

The faculty has a biomedical research group composed of medical researchers in different specialties and clinical subspecialties, doctors and professionals from various areas with master's and doctoral degrees who are experienced researchers.

Icesi researchers work with the clinical research group of the Fundación Valle del Lili, specifically in biomedical research in the thorax. This research group seeks to integrate research of basic and clinical sciences to obtain transferable results and consolidate a leadership position in quality research at national and international level.

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Biomedical Research Group

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Biomedical Research in the Thorax – Research Group Clínica Fundación Valle del Lili



Profesora del dpto. de Estudios Contables y Financieras participó en conferencia sobre responsabilidad social corporativa en Bogotá

En Bogotá se realizó el tercer Congreso Global en Contabilidad y Finanzas INTERGES, que este año contó con la participación de Stella Maldonado, profesora del Departamento de Estudios Contables y Financieros de la Universidad Icesi. La profesora Maldonado, desarrolló una conferencia sobre la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa.


Centro de Investigaciones en Anomalías Congénitas y Enfermedades Raras

El Centro de Investigaciones en Anomalías Congénitas y Enfermedades Raras (CIACER) de la Universidad Icesi, es un grupo multidisciplinario dedicado a la investigación de las anomalías congénitas, y las enfermedades raras de origen genético.

Dr. Harry M. Pachajoa
Teléfono: 555-23-34 Ext. 8075

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Centro para la Investigación en Cirugía Avanzada y Trasplantes

El Centro para la Investigación en Cirugía Avanzada y Trasplantes (CICAT) fue fundado en el año 2014 por iniciativa de la Unidad de Trasplantes de la Fundación Valle del Lili y la Universidad Icesi. Es un centro de investigación científica y tecnológica de las ciencias médicas y biomédicas, así como un centro de entrenamiento en técnicas quirúrgicas para estudiantes de pregrado y postgrados médicos. Como también en nuevas técnicas quirúrgicas en Cirugía Avanzada. Nuestro laboratorio cuenta con los servicios de asesoría, gestión, soporte y desarrollo de proyectos de docencia e investigación en el área de cirugía de alta complejidad, microcirugía, cirugía mínimamente invasiva y trasplantes.



Dr. Gustavo Ospina Tascón. MD Internista - Intensivista
Teléfono: 555-23-34 Ext. 8819


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