Why a Master in Finance at Icesi?

The Master in Finance has been designed with the highest international standards of “Master in Finance” programs of the best universities in the world.

The fast changes of our surroundings resulting an increase of uncertainty and growing technologies, modeling in decision making processes requires a solid knowledge and deep ability to add true value to organizations. Investment and financing decisions are made by organizations each time more, based on a context that transcends barriers. In this way, when estimating capital costs, a level of risk is considered not only in local dimensions but also should be measured from a global perspective. Investments in different currencies or in share markets from emergent countries including risk coverage and/or speculative operations in derivative markets are examples of such growing practices.

Due to the above and based on the management of modern financial theory, the Universidad Icesi

Master in Finance seeks to strengthen the abilities of professionals so that they are able to make financial decisions using appropriate quantitative information, concepts and techniques, understanding the needs of the local organizations in a globalized context.

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