Afro-descendant Trajectories: A Methodological Reflection


  • Manuel Matos Díaz University of Massachusetts - Amherst


Palabras clave:

Black Feminist Theory, Geopolitics of Race, Maroonage


This article offers a reflection about how we think of Afro-descendant people as objectsor subjects of study. To do this, it reflects on the question: How does the study of Afrodescendantpeoples change when the so-called “unit of analysis” is not a slave, but anenslaved ancestor who is part of your contemporary cosmology? The way of arriving atthis question, and the analysis presented henceforth attempts to highlight key aspects foradvancing Afro-descendant scholarship: specifically the role of black feminist thought andpractices on ancestral consciousness; and its subsequent impact on the interpretation andproduction of historical and socio-political sources.




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“Afro-Descendant Trajectories: A Methodological Reflection”. 2013. Revista CS, no. 12 (December): 229-57.