Boletín de prensa #178

Universidad Icesi continues to occupy the top positions at the national level in the Saber Pro standardized tests and positioned itself as the second best university in Colombia and the first in Cali, according to the Saber Pro 2019 results. The results of the tests, taken by students of 82 universities in the country, were recently published by the ICFES.

These tests are administered by the national government with the purpose of promoting the quality of higher education and are compulsory for students who finish their professional career.

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Icesi in Colombia

According to the results, the ranking of national universities is headed by Universidad de Los Andes, followed by Universidad Icesi and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Upon scrutinizing the Basic Nuclei of Knowledge, Icesi held the following positions in the country

  • No. 1 in the Design basic nucleus of knowledge
  • No. 2 in the Accounting basic nucleus of knowledge
  • No. 3 in the Political Science, International Relations, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry basic nuclei of knowledge
  • No. 4 in the Anthropology, Liberal Arts, Medicine and Education basic nuclei of knowledge
  • No. 5 in the Management basic nucleus of knowledge
  • No. 6 in the Biology, Economics and Psychology basic nuclei of knowledge
  • No. 7 in the Sociology basic nucleus of knowledge
  • No. 8 in the Industrial Engineering and similar, Systems Engineering, Information Technology Engineering and similar basic nuclei of knowledge
  • No. 9 in the Law and similar basic nuclei of knowledge

Icesi en Cali

In the ranking of the universities of Cali, Universidad Icesi ranked first and obtained the best scores in the 16 Undergraduate Nuclei in which it participates with its programs.

In addition, with the results obtained by its students, Icesi ranks first in the 5 competences in relation to other universities in the city.

comparativo saber pro 2019 icesi cali unicesi

With the results obtained in the Saber Pro 2019 tests, Universidad Icesi confirms its commitment of academic excellence to its stakeholders and its contribution to the construction of a better world through the impact of its students in society.

Saber pro Test

The Saber Pro tests, according to ICFES: "are part, with other processes and actions, of a set of instruments that the national government has to assess the quality of the public educational service and exercise its duties of inspection and surveillance".

As established in Decree 3963 of 2009, the tests must assess the generic competences necessary for adequate professional performance, regardless of the degree pursued. In addition, the SABER PRO tests must assess the specific competences of the students who are close to completing their degrees, to the extent where these can be assessed through external exams of a massive nature.

What do today's professionals need?

The Saber Pro tests assess the competences necessary for adequate professional performance. Generic competences are those that are required, regardless of the degree pursued. Specific competences are those common to disciplinary groups with similar training characteristics. The evaluation of the generic competences of the professionals carried out by the Saber Pro tests determines assessment in:

  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Critical reading
  • Writing
  • Citizenship competences
  • English

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The analysis of the Saber Pro 2019 ranking by institution, developed by Universidad Icesi and based on information published by the ICFES, includes the universities that participated in the tests in 10 or more undergraduate nuclei with a population> 15% of the average of the students.