Esteban Piedrahita graduated with a Magna Cum Laude degree in Economics from Harvard University and is a Master of Philosophy and History of Science with a merit degree from the London School of Economics.

Esteban’s role as the president of Cali’s Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio) for eight years is the highlight of his professional career. Under his leadership, the entity transformed into an agency of productive development of the region, and in collaboration with the local and national government, the trade sector and the academy, the institution defined nine productive, sophisticated and dynamic (iniciativas clúster) initiatives for Valle del Cauca.

In addition to the Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce, Esteban Piedrahita Uribe was a member of the General Directorate of the National Planning Department; he has been a counselor in the Colombian Embassy in Washington; and a senior specialist and advisor to the president of the Inter-American Development Bank. He has also worked in investment banking, and in companies in New York and in Bogotá. Additionally, he has been an entrepreneur and leader in companies, and is currently an active member of the boards of directors of companies such as Ecopetrol, Cementos Argos and Centro de Eventos Valle del Pacífico.

“It is a pleasure for me to be part of this magnificent institution and the great team that you have built. With each day, as I get to know the university better, I fall in love with the immense and invaluable task it does in all areas, not only accompanying the youth to become valuable members of the university, but also in research and production of our knowledge and capabilities for the benefit of the community” assured Piedrahita Uribe, who also emphasizes his enthusiasm, upon joining the Icesi family, to continue building a prosperous, equitable and inclusive institution.