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Vol. 30 No.130

January- March of 2014


Advertising economies of scale in large companies in Mexico 2008-2011


Orientation of public organizations to organizational learning. The case of the decentralized agencies in the State of Sonora, Mexico


Measuring the importance of the National Guarantees Fund in the mobilization of credit to SMEs


Customer segmentation model based on value generation for marketing strategies formulation


Prediction of satisfaction and well-being at work: Towards a model of healthy organization in Colombia


How a small business achieved an agile and value creating product development using Lean


Use of archetypes in the Colombian fashion industry


Hedging strategy with products for the Colombian energy market


The importance of knowledge management: Contrasts between theory and empirical evidence


Influence of corporate governance on the cost of capital from debt issuance


Evaluating foreign exchange interventions in Colombia: 2004-2012


Case Study. Green marketing of a golden company


A new editorial management system at Estudios Gerenciales: EES (Elsevier Editorial System)

One of the most important goals at Estudios Gerenciales is to provide greater visibility to the articles that get published. To this end, a new technological platform called EES (Elsevier Editorial System) has recently been implemented for handling the editorial management process.

Since its implementation, this system, which has set an international standard, has seen a great response. It is the new tool that Estudios Gerenciales will start using for managing the submission, review, and dissemination of articles that are published on a quarterly basis.

Those of you who are interested in participating as authors, reviewers or readers can sign in to the EES and become familiar with the various options available on this platform. Once registered, you will have access to the database of one of the most prestigious journals not only in Colombia, but also in the entire Ibero-American region.

How it works

You can go to the Estudios Gerenciales website at www.icesi.edu.co/estudios_gerenciales and click on the EES link,

Or click on the Estudios Gerenciales link from the EES website: http://ees.elsevier.com/estger/

Look for the "Register" option in the menu at the top, or go directly to [ ]

Enter your personal information. Later on, when you log in, you can select the role of author and/or reviewer.

You will then be given a username and a password that will allow you to access and customize your submissions, readings, or reviews.


Elsevier Editoral System - EES

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