Specialty in Neurology

Why study a Specialty in Neurology?

During recent years, the southwestern region of Colombia has witnessed an increase in the offer of highly complex health services, demanding the participation of specialized clinical professionals. Progress and updates in medical sciences require increasing the specificity of competences in order to enrich knowledge and ensure the incorporation of new advances in modern practice of neurology. Current needs require an increase in the number of neurologists available to the Colombian population, but these must undergo comprehensive training. Fundación Valle del Lili, the setting for the clinical postgraduate programs of Unversidad Icesi, classified as one of the best hospital centres in Colombia and Latin America, due to its technological resources and medical staff, has the capacity for developing clinical-care, teaching and research training in neurology with the highest quality standards.

Universidad Icesi’s Specialty in Neurology seeks to train competent specialists who can meet the demands of the work environment in the field of neurology, are trained to design, execute and evaluate programs of promotion, prevention and intervention in neurology, participate in development projects, implement training programs for other professionals and the community and participate in research projects that contribute to the development of the area. The purpose of the residency program is to prepare the doctor for the practice of neurology through tutoring, where future specialists will acquire a broad and pertinent knowledge base of neurological diseases that will also consider ethical dimensions.


Especialista en Neurología

Length of program

4 years

Investment (semester)

$ 13.530.000 COP


Dr. Darío Hernando Cobo Medina


Dr. Julian Alejandro Rivillas

Applicant Profile

Universidad Icesi’s Specialty in Neurology is aimed at general practitioners who are well prepared and who are interested in acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge for the diagnosis and adequate therapeutic approach to neurological diseases.

Graduate Profile

The training is based on clinical work with hospitalized patients, as well as patients evaluated by the outpatient clinic, directly supervised by the neurologists on duty. Upon completing the residency, the graduate will have developed solid scientific bases, adequate clinical reasoning and the capacity to solve frequent neurological problems. He/she will have the ability to integrate with interdisciplinary working groups, lines of research and teaching. The characteristics of Fundación Valle del Lili and its neurology service, its academic reach, teamwork, technological resources and the permanent availability of highly complex patients are ideal for the training of doctors specially prepared for the holistic management of neurological patients.

Institutional Accreditation

In the Resolution, the Ministry states: "It has been shown that Universidad Icesi has achieved sufficient quality levels so that, in accordance with the norms that govern the matter, this fact is publicly recognized through a formal act of institutional accreditation". We are the first private university in southwestern Colombia to obtain the highest recognition of quality provided by the Colombian Government. This is a recognition of the quality of the academic programs, their operation and the fulfillment of the social function of the university. Universidad Icesi was accredited in May 2010 by the Ministry of Education through the National Accreditation Committee (CNA), making it the first accredited private university in Cali and the region. In the Resolution, the Ministry states: "It has been demonstrated that Universidad Icesi has achieved sufficient quality levels so that, in accordance with the rules that govern the matter, this fact is publicly recognized through a formal act of institutional accreditation".

Icesi and the Fundación Valle del Lili

The Fundación Valle del Lili and Universidad Icesi have become allies through an agreement that has been called: a deep alliance for life. With this agreement the region is strengthened by the union of two well reputed institutions, which will now work together for the well-being and the health of people and for maintaining a leadership position thanks to their constant advances in the academic, social, humanistic and scientific fields. The Fundación Valle del Lili is the university hospital with the best conditions, both in terms of infrastructure, human resources and technology, and it will provide clinical training and medical practice to future students. This alliance allows both institutions to establish a synergy in all their activities, through coordination for work, preservation of excellence in performance, already widely recognized in both institutions, and consolidates the social projection of both institutions in one of the most important sectors for the community - health. For both institutions this agreement is a strategic step. Scholarship support to resident doctors is an internal process of the Fundación Valle del Lili, whose process will be informed in a timely manner to those who are admitted.