Diego Cagüeñas Rozo

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 semester of work placement

Investment (semester)

$ 9.190.000 COP

Our focus

The undergrad program in Anthropology at Icesi University provides a firm grounding in social and cultural theory, as well as in intensive fieldwork and mixed methods. Our focus is to allow students to comprehend and interact with the diversity and complexity of human experience. To do this, the program particularly combines various anthropological perspectives that seek to integrate the production of acute cultural knowledge, with innovative interdisciplinary approaches and forms of critical interventions in society. We pay special attention to empirical work, both ethnographic and historical, to develop a situated awareness of the shifting contexts and scales in our contemporary world. We see teaching in classrooms and fieldwork research as integrally linked, and we actively seek new media and languages to communicate our findings and to explore forms of engage anthropology.

Reasons to study Anthropology at Universidad Icesi

Candidate profile

Anthropology is your ideal undergraduate program if you are interested in the diversity and complexity of human experience, or curious about how cultural processes shape and transform our ways of understanding the world; if you enjoy traveling and working with communities, or exploring the contradictions, paradoxes, and ruptures in our contemporary societies.

Graduate profile

Anthropology graduates from Universidad Icesi understand how cultural and historical processes shape and transform social realities and understand how practices, symbols and material relationships co-construct the world. This five-year program, rich in interdisciplinary approaches, mixed methods and fieldwork research, allow our graduates to stand out as professionals capable of developing critical and creative interventions in theory and ethnography. They are trained to face the ethical and political implications of their professional actions, as well as capable of evaluating and managing intercultural projects or processes.

Career opportunities

Anthropologist from Universidad Icesi can hold positions in the public and private sectors, working as Research Project Analyst, Socio-Cultural advisors, and experts in planning, developing, and recommending policies and procedures for cultural diversity, gender issues, and social inclusion. They can also conduct applied research for non-government organizations, partner with members of Marketing and Communications teams producing social and cultural content for both print and new media audiences. Finally, Anthropologist from Universidad Icesi can pursue teaching and research at the university level.


Formation lines
  • Languages
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Professional expertise
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship