Mauricio Guerrero Caicedo

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 semester of work placement

Investment (semester)

$ 10.220.000 COP

Our focus

This program is the ideal scenario to develop skills that will allow you to design interactive communication experiences, create multi-platform narratives, experiment with data visualization exercises and analyze the social context from multiple perspectives.

Why study Communication?

The current state of affairs in our world offers a great number of challenges that communication, as a field of action, must assume in an effective and creative way. The digitalization of information flows, of the forms of production and of our daily life, require the development of new technical skills, narratives and ways of thinking that seek to bring together millions of user communities in continuous interaction. Therefore, executing communication as a profession today is one of the most direct ways to connect and actively participate in the processes that are paving the way of the future of society.

Applicant Profile

An applicant to this program should be curious about the use of digital technologies and the ways of producing media content. In addition, he/she should be passionate about literature, cinema, music, visual arts, and open to aesthetic experimentation with language and communicative experiences. Furthermore, he/she should be highly sensitive to social problems, and be interested in social research and its impact on reality.

Graduate Profile

A graduate of a degree in Communication will be able to face, in a strategic and creative way, narrative, technological and relational challenges from a multi-platform perspective. The program aims to train professionals with leadership abilities who will have high social impact by being able to perform as:

  • Creator / producer of content and digital platforms in different fields of action (blogger, storyteller, web curator, podcaster, content creator for apps, etc.).
  • Manager of business projects in the field of digital communication.
  • Internal or external organizational digital communication strategist (media relations manager).
  • Community and digital platform manager for brand positioning or marketing strategies (SEO-SEM Optimizer, community manager, sentiment analyst, etc.).
  • Data journalist and producer of digital narratives (multi-platform editor, mapper, user experience expert, etc.).
  • Project manager for social change from a communicative perspective (fundraising manager, legal hacker, etc.).
Formation lines
  • Languages
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Professional expertise
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship