Mateo de los Ríos Camacho

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 semester of work placement

Investment (semester)

$ 12.960.000

Our focus

This program is composed of three foundations centered around three principal themes. The first foundation focuses on music as a language, its interpretation, and composition. These courses are heavily concentrated in the first six semesters. The second foundation is Music Production. This is introduced in the third semester and continues until the thesis. The third foundation focuses on project management and management skills. Together, these three areas allow our students to dominate music as an art form, capture it in a finished product of the highest quality, and create an innovative, sustainable, and successful project. Every course in the program has a practical methodology, structured around projects and constant practice. This methodology ensures that technical knowledge is integrated with management skills implemented through teamwork. Recognizing the importance of technology in music production and the incredible speed with which this technology evolves, our music program has made it a goal to stay at the forefront of music and sound technology, so that our students are familiar with the tools and techniques that are being used in the most advanced music production facilities in the world. This knowledge will give them a competitive advantage, increasing their employment opportunities and the quality of their work.

Why study music?

The world is changing and old barriers are collapsing. There has never been a better time to study music and unleash your creativity and your dreams. In this interconnected, seamless world, hungry for new ideas, music is becoming one of the degrees with the brightest future internationally. Its collaborative nature allows musicians to build their career through participation in projects around the world, which enriches the local scene and elevates the quality of our industry. Today’s musician can have an international career without leaving the local community that nourishes and sustains them. The music world can be conquered from anywhere - all you need is Icesi.

Candidate profile

Applicants to the music program should be in love with music and want to make their living from it. They must have great capacity for discipline and effort. They must understand how to work in a team and be conscious of their classmates’ contributions. They should have boundless curiosity. They should be a good friend who can support their classmates when they need it. Applicants to the music program should have an adventurous spirit and a resilient character in order to navigate uncertainty and ultimately emerge victorious on their chosen path.

Graduate profile

Graduates from the music program with emphasis on music production will have the ability to perform as a musician in a musical setting. They will also be able to design and implement (produce) music or mixed media projects (audiovisual, music for the stage) as individuals or in collaboration with a production team. Graduates will develop the ability to work as members of a team responsible for specific functions and as leaders in charge of management, supervision and the final product. The program aims to mold students into leaders in their profession who have a positive impact on society.

Fields of actions

A music producer is the leader of any recording project, whether it is for television, film, radio, the internet, theater, or for commercial purposes. Their project management abilities, together with their deep musical and technical knowledge, make them an essential element for successfully achieving the proposed goals. This combination of abilities allows graduates to choose from a range of careers.

These include:


  • Owner/manager of a recording studio
  • Sound Technician
  • Acoustic advisor
  • Sound Engineer for Video
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer 
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Production equipment representative/vendor
  • Work at a record label
  • Studio and acoustic space designer

  • Teacher/expert lecturer on sound production


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