Why a Master of Management for Social Innovation?

The size and scope of modern social problems like inequality, social and economic exclusion, climate change, human rights abuses or the lack of opportunities for certain populations demand ideas, solutions, and measures that are effective and innovative, and are capable of mitigating, and even anticipating, these problems. That ability to develop effective solutions should be constantly bolstered as society and conflicts evolve and change. 

Social change requires several effective actors and agents. The Master of Management for Social Innovations is designed so that more and more people from any discipline can help design solutions for social and environmental problems, building human potential to create positive processes for intervention and social transformation. 

Social innovation consists of new ideas, strategies, initiatives, products, processes or programs that work to resolve or mitigate complex social problems that are typically not addressed by countries, governments or the private sector. By helping to solve these problems, social innovations can deeply transform the power relationships, resources, and potential of the social systems where they arise.