María Paola Segura González

Length of program

9 semesters and 1 internship semester

Investment (semester)

$ 11.570.000 COP

Our Approach

Did you know that Industrial Engineering is one of the most demanded careers in the market, which offers opportunities at national and international level? The Industrial Engineering professional from Universidad Icesi is prepared to face productive, logistic and service challenges, through innovative engineering techniques that contribute to generate efficient solutions and improve the productivity of resources and processes necessary to produce goods and services, without losing sight of the impact on the environment.

Graduates of the program, are professionals who can work in different areas of a company and are committed to the optimization of all resources used within the organization and the continuous improvement of each of the processes involved. Thus, Industrial Engineers from Universidad Icesi are in great demand in the job market.

About the Accreditation

International Accreditation: ABET

Logo Acreditación ABET

The Industrial Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,, the most important accrediting commission of engineering programs in the world, as a result of a rigorous process of preparation and evaluation of academic quality.  This accreditation must be renewed periodically and was granted under the Industrial Engineering program category. This undergraduate program is one of the 7 accredited in Colombia.

This accreditation ratifies the quality of the engineering programs at Universidad Icesi and certifies that they have implemented an effective and sustainable measurement process and quality improvement, and also, that they have faculty of the highest level in their academic departments and educate students in fundamentals of mathematics and science, in advanced engineering topics and in the so-called soft skills such as oral and written communication and teamwork, following the best practices of engineering education and taking into account for the design of their curriculums the trends of the increasingly dynamic industry.

National Accreditation: CNA

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Since 2002, the Program has been accredited by the National Accreditation Council (CNA) of the National Education Ministry. This accreditation is obtained through a voluntary process that includes verification and review by academic peers and indicates that a university program fulfills the quality standards established by the ministry. Accreditation must be renewed periodically.

Institutional Accreditation

In 2015, the National Education Ministry granted to Universidad Icesi the renewal of the High Quality Institutional Accreditation until 2021. This renewal of the High Quality Institutional Accreditation is a recognition of the constant commitment of Icesi, with the region and the country, to maintain high quality standards in the development of the functions of education, research and social extension, as well as work in administrative support.

Why study Industrial Engineering?

Universidad Icesi has an Industrial Engineering Laboratory for students to perform interactive practices in industrial automation (Industry 4.0), logistics, production, process simulation and others throughout their program.

  • The Students of the Industrial Engineering program have the opportunity to obtain their undergraduate degree with a concentration in simulation and optimization, process improvement or resource management.
  • During some subjects of the academic curriculum, students will have the opportunity to visit national and international companies in the industrial and service sectors with the accompaniment of their teachers.
  • The Students have the opportunity to participate in Industrial Missions at national and international level, organized by the program, which have the objective of visiting companies in the industrial and services sector so that future industrial engineers can learn about the dynamics of the companies and their role within them.
  • One out of every two students in the Industrial Engineering program receives some type of financial aid or are scholarship holders of the University.
  • Among the universities evaluated in the Saber Pro 2018 tests, Icesi's Industrial Engineering program ranks first in Cali and fourth in the country.
  • Icesi graduates earn more. Icesi is in the first six national positions (among more than 150 institutions) in the 2016 salary scale, according to the Labor Observatory of the Ministry of National Education.
  • It has been accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering), the most important accreditor of engineering programs based in Baltimore, USA. Only 7 universities in the country have this international accreditation. Graduates will be able to work in any country, since it is easier to have their degrees recognized abroad and to obtain professional certifications.
  • Industrial Engineering at Universidad Icesi is among the privileged 4% accredited by ABET, among 177 undergraduate programs offered in Colombia.

Fields of work

As an Industrial Engineer at Universidad Icesi you will be able to work in companies dedicated to the manufacture of products and/or services. During your undergraduate program, you will study subjects that will provide you with knowledge about the activities that are performed in the different areas of a public or private company. In addition, you will have the necessary skills to select and use the appropriate technology according to the area in which you will work. In this way, you could be a professional dedicated to:

  • Design of production facilities
  • Operations control and planning (manufacturing and services)
  • Improvement of production and service processes
  • Innovation
  • Product/services development and improvement
  • Quality management and control
  • Marketing channel management - Trade marketing
  • Purchase
  • Coordination of production functions
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Exports and imports
  • Analysis of production costs and financial impact
  • Information systems management
  • Project consulting
  • Big data analysis
  • Human resources management

As a graduate of our program you will have been educated to:


Educational objectives of the program

  • Advance as a leading Industrial Engineering professional in manufacturing or service organizations.
  • Use your knowledge to lead projects focused on the optimal use of resources and continuous improvement.
  • Use your teamwork skills, systemic thinking and capacity for continuous self-learning to keep up to date in your professional field.

International engineering competencies (defined by ABET):

PROBLEM SOLVING: Identify, formulate, and solve complex engineering problems by applying the principles of science, mathematics, and engineering.

ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS DESIGN: Design solutions that meet specific needs and established requirements, considering public health, safety, and welfare of people, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors.

COMMUNICATION: Communicate effectively with multiple audiences orally and in writing, including Spanish and English.

ETHICS, SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND IMPACT OF ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS: Recognize their ethical and professional responsibilities as engineers, and make informed judgments considering the impact of engineering solutions in global, economic, environmental and social contexts.

TEAMWORK AND LEADERSHIP: Function effectively in a team, whose members collectively provide leadership, create a collaborative and inclusive environment, set goals, plan tasks, and accomplish objectives.

EXPERIMENTATION: Develop and conduct experiments, as well as analyze and interpret data to generate conclusions from judgments based on engineering principles.

LIFELONG SELF-LEARNING: Learn and apply new knowledge as needed, autonomously and using appropriate learning strategies.

Programa Projects

logo eudii 42

Every semester, the Industrial Engineering program of Universidad Icesi organizes an event in which students interact and explore key topics, selected according to their impact on the industrial context of the region and the country. The organization of this academic meeting, recognized as the University Meeting of Industrial Engineers - EUDII, is assigned to the seventh semester students of the academic program who are studying Project Management.

The 42th edition of EUDII was held on April 28,2022

Contact us at:

logo iiris 7

Industrial Engineering with Social Responsibility

Each semester, the Industrial Engineering program of Universidad Icesi gives rise to the organization of a social project, non-profit, which seeks to positively impact in the long term to people in a community with limited resources, through the concepts learned in the course of Project Management in Engineering, this project is organized by students in the seventh semester of Industrial Engineering.

For 2022 - 1 the Program organized the 7th version of IIRIS.

Contact us at:

Future Student Profile

The Industrial Engineer should be a person interested in knowing how things are manufactured, how they are transported from the point of manufacture to the final customer, how services work and what improvements could be implemented in these. Likewise, he/she should be interested in knowing how companies work, how they are organized and, above all, how they coordinate and manage the resources necessary to achieve their objectives, giving back to society.

The future Industrial Engineer should feel an interest in being a catalyst who is able to use many of his skills so that the processes always work in the best way.

Graduate Profile

The Industrial Engineer of Universidad Icesi is trained to face the challenges of the productive and service sectors relying on their abilities to analyze and solve problems, conceive and design systems and operate them. These capabilities allow him to model, analyze, evaluate and integrate technology to systems and processes, as well as the generation of alternatives for continuous improvement to achieve the best use of resources.

He/she will have the ability to be an active participant in a multidisciplinary team whose objective is the conception and development of innovative strategies that guarantee the efficient sustainability of the organization where he/she is located, due to his/her effective communication, systemic thinking and leadership skills.

Our numbers

In this space you will find information on the total number of students enrolled each semester in the Industrial Engineering program, as well as the number of graduates for the last five years.


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Formation lines
  • Languages
  • Disciplinary expertise
  • Professional expertise
  • Science and humanities
  • Citizenship


International Experience

The Industrial Engineering program offers its students different alternatives to live an international experience. We count with 36 international partnerships with universities in other countries where students can take academic semesters or language courses through bilateral or visiting student agreements, which guarantee them benefits and facilities. We offer them the opportunity to obtain double degrees with Management programs offered by La Rochelle Business School, Montpellier Business School and ESC Clermont in France.

In addition, they can participate in the academic missions offered annually, a great experience that involves direct contact with the industrial, logistical and technological environment of the country or region visited. Students have the opportunity to meet large companies from other parts of the world and to complement what they have learned in the classroom with a real industry experience.

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